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Top 10 Turkish Series

I’ll Be Glad To Hear Your Opinion…♥♥♥ P.S After I made this video I’m thinking that Muhtesem Yuzyil is second,Lale devri isn’t in this list and EZEL is first !



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  1. This video brings nice memories, I've watched all these series from start to finish (with the exception of Ask I memnu that i honestly didn't like that much and never finished it) and i remember all the feelings, I think I cried in every one at least once at some point
    I don't like the new series that much; the stories are not so strong like they used to be

  2. Here are the top 10 Turkish Series:

    1) Kurtlar Vadisi:(Valley of the Wolves): The original series started around 13 years ago and has been ongoing with various versions since then. It quickly became a phenomenon in Turkish TV series industry and has persistently remained in number one in country ratings for most of these years. It is commonly believed that the initial 4-5 years of the series were the most successful, but due to the cult status it has achieved, it is still one of most watched TV series today

    2) Muhtesem Yuzyil (Magnificient Century): It lasted 3 years and has been watched by millions not only in Turkey but all over the world. It has the record of being exported to most counties around the globe (for Turkish TV series industry). It was controvertial in some respects, but has very strong characters and was full of heart breaking dramas (about Hurrem, Pargali Ibrahim, Sehzade Mustafa and of course Suleyman)

    3) Ezel: A classic with the leading Ezel role played by with one of the most popular actors in Turkey (that is none other than Kenan Imirzalioglu, who is my favorite male star in Turkey). Has an interesting story line and strong characters such as Dayi who was loved by millions (played by Tuncer Kurtiz) and Kenan (played by Haluk Bilginer)

    4) Karadayi: Another Kenan Imirzalioglu classic. If can be found with English sub-titles, strongly recommend it

    5) Dirilis (Resurrection): Another historical series. Most of the events are related with activities of the Kayi tribe of Turks, who under the leadership of Suleyman shah and his son Ertugrul paving the way towards the eventual establishment of Ottoman empire (one of the longest running and powerful empires in history)

    6) Kuzey Guney (North – South): A highly successful series starred by another leading actor in Turkey, Kivanc Tatlitug. Once you start watching, you will be waiting for the next episode impatiently.

    7) Behzat C.: The main story line is about a police chief and his men dealing with day to day events in capital Ankara. Partly due to its leading star Erdal Besikcioglu's outstanding acting, it has reached a cult status in Turkey with millions of fans across the country.

    8) Ask-i memnu (Forbiden love): Leading star Kivanc Tatlitug. Highly interesting and equally controversial series. Recommend it.

    9) Binbir Gece (1001 nights): Leading star is Halit Ergenc (same guy who played Sultan Suleyman in Magnifient Century) and Berguzal Korel. When two of the prominent Turkish actors come together, the reusult is inevitably a successful and higly watchable series.

    10) Fatmagulun sucu ne (what is the crime of Fatmagul): Leading stars are Beren saat and Engin Akyurek. Has a strong story line that develops around an innocent and defenseless young girl who encounters a bunch of spoilt and drunken young men and unfortunate series of event takes place and drags the audience with it.

    There are of course some other pretty successful ones (which can be seen is the top-10 list by some) such as Ask ve Ceza, Gumus, Asi, Kosem, Sakarya Firat, 46, Gecmis zaman olur ki, Suskunlar, Kopru etc ..the list goes on.

  3. Yıllardır Türk dizilerini izlemem. En son Kurtlar Vadisi izlemiştim(pusu değil ilk sezon). Nettende Behzat Ç. izlemiştim o kadar. Ama son yılların en iyi dizileri bunlarsa yazık. Tümü aşk meş üstüne Brezilya dizilerimi Türk dizilerimi belli değil.