Tickets for the Jennifer Lopez Concert in Egypt – اخبار مجنونة


Translation – Gololy

It seems that fans and fans of the famous American singer and singer Jennifer Lopez, in Egypt, are waiting for her upcoming concert amidst a state of excitement and excitement.

The world famous star is due to perform a huge concert on the northern coast on August 9, 2019.

Ticketegypt, the world's most exciting 49-year-old singer, is also offering tickets to the three categories of 2000 pounds, 3,000 pounds and 5,000 pounds.

Jennifer Lopez announced her concert in Egypt, where she celebrates her birthday and invited everyone to attend.

For its part, published media Posey Shalabi call Jennifer Lopez for her fans for her concert singing in Egypt, and commented through its account on Instagram, "O light Hatnora expensive Oh Egypt or the world."

On the other hand, it has become the global duo of American singer Jennifer Lopez, and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, the former baseball player, the most successful diodes in the world over the past years.

There are between the global duo love story of intense, culminating in a recent betrothal, and with the attention of a large number of sites since the date of marriage bilateral after several reports earlier confirmed their intention in the declaration soon it, but according to a recent report published in the Daily Mail newspaper, the Star Who over 49 years are afraid of that move.

The reason for this is that Jennifer Lopez does not assume entry in a failed marriage relationship once again, despite the love that Alex Rodriguez's rooted in particular that bilateral currently live better Hzathma as they were living in the past, accompanied by three marriages have passed all of them failed.


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