These are certain to be gasoline accepted containers. – اخبار مجنونة

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  1. Idiots! If I know anything, it’s that you should use full size garbage cans. It’s as if they haven’t seen always sunny in Philadelphia.

  2. I once emptied the remaining fuel in a fuel tank into an empty trash can to change the fuel pump. I came back the next day and literally half of it evaporated. Over night.

  3. Whaddya mean “unsafe”, the bins got lids don’t they?

    Should have liked the bins with bags so they could be used for toys again.

    Mandatory: /s

  4. Should have told them to fill up their gas tank, empty it at home then drive back to fill it up until they have enough.

    I bet the idiots wouldn’t find out what’s wrong with that suggestion.

  5. Reminds me of the video of a lady filling a plastic shopping bag with fuel. Yeah…it didn’t work too well.

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