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  1. Let’s not make any assumptions here

    Maybe his penis isn’t small. Maybe he’s not trying to prove his masculinity. Maybe he’s not a piece of shit for putting others at risk. Maybe she loves him for his personality and he for hers. Maybe the earth is flat. Maybe anti vaxxers are right. Maybe the car looks cool to more than him and some kid who plays with hotwheels…?

  2. This is basically /r/ihavesex in real life. Ironically the more people /r/ihavesex the more I’m skeptical they have sex.

    And this guy is throwing out some massive “please guys, please think that I have sex? Can you please? Look! There’s a girl with me!”

  3. I saw this askreddit post which asked something like ‘what did everyone learn, that you never learned?’ they said ‘to drive’, and I would like to show that redditor this video. It seems that even people who got their licence doesn’t know how to drive

  4. Par for the course in Beverly Hills. People there are so rich they do whatever they want cause they have the money to get out of it. I can’t tell you how many times I have stopped at a stop sign there only for someone in a nice car behind me to pull over into the bike lane and pass me without ever stopping. The worst driver’s in LA county by far.

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