This Superb dude has the very best answer when he is bored . So – اخبار مجنونة

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  2. The airsoft back into the bottle is absolute madness. They’re all pretty insane shots but that one especially

  3. Just gonna mention for the “yaaa” comments, he’s saying “Ja” (“yes” in german)

    Or at least I’m 95% sure he’s German

  4. Guys is creating nevertellmetheodds situations, spends days trying to get those odds and an instant achievement dopamine bonus. this guy cracked the code for how to achieve medium term achievements and dopamine release.

  5. Just realized there’s a timer of how long it took him to make those shots in most clips. Some of the harder ones I guess it was just to embarrassing. I could see neck beards in some of those

  6. This feels like i’m watching statistics. now direct your attention to this warehouse filled with monkeys on typerwriters

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