The Xbox One Is A Bit Shit (The Jimquisition)

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  1. I don't get why the lobby of my xb1 is always all laggy. It's just a bunch of menus. The other day Forza horizon 4 crashed to lobby for no reason. During my Doom playthrough there was a battle late in the game that made my game crash EVERY TIME. Sky Force is a simple bullet hell shooter and during the tournament level two days ago the game was literally stuttering and chopping making it so I couldn't even tell what was going on. This is a fraction of the issues I've had for last 3 years or so. I mean, at least it still works, I guess. Can't bring myself to pay $500 for the X. I guess this is what I get for not gaming on PC. 🙁

  2. I've had an xbox one since it came out and I can say it does not age well at all…. I'm on my second console after my first shut down…. and it's gotten slower and now I cant even switch games without saying "please try again". Kinda irritates me tbh

  3. Both XBox One and PS4 were shitty, underpowered consoles, which came out when 1080p already became the standard and yet, couldn't output decent 1080p. PS4 Pro and XBox One X is what 8th gen consoles should have been from the start and objectively, the X wipes the floor with the Pro with its horse power, form factor, hardware design, quiet operation and far superior controller design (which actually makes playing shooters on a console enjoyable). Base XBox One was the weaker console, drastically unlike MS' first two consoles, but you can't get it right every gen. Both PS4 and XBox One are drastically better than the We Switch or whatever the hell that weak-ass Nintendo failure is called. One X rules this gen though.

  4. SERVICES ALWAYS DOWN, APP IS TRASH, CANT EVER LOGIN THROUGH THE WEBSITE, MASS PARTY DISCONNECTS. I CAN GO ON,ONLY FUCKTARD SOON 2 E DEADS WILL TELL YOU XBOX IS GOOD. Yes caps, you'll get over it. Seriously I hope 2019 is the year of more mass shootings ,specially I would like to see one done in a game publishers lobby or Microsofts. They have been ripping people off for decades and straight up robbing people. The history of man is littered with multiple murders over less so its justified if it happens to them.

    If someone tried to steal your car or broke in your house to take your shit you would kill them, how is this any different ?

  5. My Xbox One S (a trade for a TV) performed wonderfully, for streaming purposes, which this PS4 is considerably worse for. However, after the system failed to turn on 7x this morning, I proceeded to spend the next 2 hours with MS on the phone. We troubleshot everything. And then they told me that I would have to spend 149 (plus the 35 for shipping) to get it repaired. Again: streaming, and no games on the machine. Literally nothing invested in it. But pay the better part of 190$ to fix it? If anyone wants pictures, I can take some. Needless to say, it sits in about 70 pieces on the bottom of a bin just outside my house. Oh and while I could have sold the controller, I really didn't feel merciful towards any part of this grand fucking waste. The thing about Microsoft is they push so much proprietary shit, they look like a worse form of Apple. If that is even possible. Now, I get that MS doesn't really give a shit about this hardware. The games line-up makes that abundantly clear (ZERO reputable new franchises have debuted, every new game outside CD3 is a sequel, and every other new game is a follow-up to a game already on Xbox One: Halo, Gears, Forza). I just wish, that when things like the power box stop working, they'd have the decency to honor the original warranty and replace something due to manufacturing defect. And not try and fuck their customers at the same time.

  6. eh console vs console its like melanoma arguing its better then carcinoma.. cancer is cancer just kill it with radiation and chemicals so games can go back to being awesome instead of built down to a price /tech point thats years behind where it should be..

  7. As a mainly Xbox player I tell people all the time that PS4 is the way to go for single console owners, with the Nintendo Switch being a more niche alternative that features great first party games as well. While I regret buying an XB1 on day one, I don't really mind having it as my main console, I prefer the UI despite it being meh and backwards compatibility is nice. There are other things I like too, but I really can't stick up for the lack of exclusive games, as it's gotten ridiculous. With the exception of the fantastic Sunset Overdrive, there is very little in my Xbox library that I can't own elsewhere–I just choose to own it on my Xbox. That said, if I were a PS4 player with an Xbox One, I'd probably be a bit disappointed, but as an Xbox player with a PS4, I can completely justify my purchase of it looking at the myriad of fantastic exclusives that have released on it without feeling bad that I also own an XB1. Here's hoping to 2019 being a better year for the Xbox though.

  8. Nobody remembers Sega Channel, one of the earliest game streaming services for the fucking Genesis back in the 90s. Nintendo of Japan had a streaming service for the Super Famicom too. Precursors to stuff like Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN.

  9. I think that you are genuinely a harsh person. Which i respect, despite disagreeing with some of your points.

    I think game pass has plenty of content to keep you entertained. And while new “triple A” isnt showing up on game pass (for the most part?) Apparently triple a is shit, so where do you draw the line between, good, memorable and triple a? Im confused as to where you stand on what makes a game good.

  10. Never understood getting xbox. I got the original one for free and the 360 I paid for cuz I got the PS3 as a xmas gift. Gave it to my brother when I went off to college cuz I took every other system but the Wii that's my mom's to college. I now have an overpowered gaming PC according to my brother so I can buy literally everything but sunset overdrive on that than the Xbox. So I'm saving money.

  11. How about the fact that they charge you $10 to changing your username. Fucking greedy bastards, and oh yeah the video editor back on 2015 needed gold in order to post on the message board or even edit it. This is why i switched to ps4 so that i didnt end up having my wallet raped.

  12. It'd be nice if Microsoft did something similar to Sony's PS Now on the PC which allowed me to try Playstation exclusive games like The Last of Us for the first time, I've never played a Halo shooter game & I'd jump at the chance to play stuff like the Masterchief collection if they gave me access to it. I'm a PC gamer & even though I hate the way games work through the Windows store I have bought what used to be X-box titles like the Gears of War's (I know the original GOW had an on CD/DVD PC version but I was never able to get it to work properly) & Forza 7 so far, That's the other option if they don't want to do a streaming service sell them to me on the store instead. That'd be better than nothing & by nothing I also mean Halo Wars..

  13. For people who don't actually have anything to game on, the xbox kind of offers most out of the box. Game pass is now better with Forza Horizon 4, PES 2019, MK X, Hitman, Sea of Thieves, RotTR etc. for 10 bucks a month you have instant access to 190 games (last I counted).

    For people who have gaming PC, PS4 would be a better choice for exclusives only. Since PC games are cheapest there is no reason for the said person to buy them on console.

    The Xbox streaming, while still worse than Steam, it works well enough on anything running win 10. That's a big advantage if you only have 1 TV, you can stream on your laptop. Anything from the past 5 years should have no problem decoding the stream.

  14. But what if you don’t like single player cinematic adventure games. Then the PS4 is shit. It’s all subjective and you sound like a PS4 fanboy Jim. So sad from someone who I respect as a games legend.

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