The video champion's belly dancer, Jewel, exposes the hidden

Cairo – Gololy

Russian dancer Andreeva Ekaterina, better known as Johara, has sparked widespread controversy on the pages of social networking sites, and has been topping the search sites after her sex clips are leaked with a young man named Khaled Ahmed.

In his first statement, the young man who appeared with a jewel in the leaked videos via the Asturian feature on his personal page on the Instagram website, he said, that he did not do a disgraceful act, and that the videos and pictures that were circulated are only pictures to document their personal and marital relationship.

He stressed that the leaking of pictures came after his phone was stolen by his friends.

And he ended his speech: “God suffices me, and yes, the agent in every one indicates the video. My future is destroyed and my mother dies because of this topic.”

Security sources said that investigations are being conducted regarding the spread of 3 pornographic videos that were circulated on social media, attributed to a famous foreign dancer in Egypt, in which she appears with a young man in pornographic sites.

The videos of the Russian dancer have spread widely on social media over the past three days.

It is reported that Jawhara had transferred her artistic activity to Lebanon after her decision to imprison her for a year with work after dancing in a suit contrary to artistic works.

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