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The Shave Bar offers latest men’s hairstyle for 2019

THE year 2018 is about to end, and with the approaching New Year comes the anticipated new trends in fashion, music, haircuts among others.

Haircuts and styles for women greatly vary, particularly in length and color. The same cannot be said for men as they have only a number of styles compared to women.

However, it has been noticed that the prevailing trend for haircut or style in men from 2017 until now is the Fade.

According to JC Makapugay, one of the owners of Shave Bar, a barber shop and bar in Cagayan de Oro City, Fade is the type of haircut or style with a transition of lengths on the back and side of the hair, having some sort of variation of lengths blended together.

“Not everyone (barber shops) can do that kasi. So what we did is we got trainers from Manila to train our barbers,” Makapugay said, adding that their staffs are trained by a haircutter or hairstylist from one of the best barber shops in Manila.

He also said that commonly the haircuts and styles depend on the preference of the customers however, ever since they got ambassadors such as DJ Kyle and DJ RB, who had their hair styled in Fade, several men were coming in to Shave Bar to asked to have their hair styled the same.

“We market ourselves as Fade masters, yung mga barbers namin,” Makapugay said.

“Ever since we opened, what the customer really likes about our service is the experience. They keep telling us that it’s more than just a haircut, it’s also the experience that they get whenever they come here to get a haircut,” he added.

The process in Shave Bar, according to Makapugay, involves hair cutting, massage, hot towel, and treatment; that’s why it takes 30 to 40 minutes per cut in Shave Bar.

Shave Bar has also started offering haircut packages for weddings. The shop has four wedding packages: Package A: the grooms only; Package B: grooms and best man; Package C: grooms, the grooms’ father, and best man; and Package D: grooms, grooms’ father, best man and groomsmen.

“What we see kasi in the future is we want to cater the wedding market,” Makapugay said.

In terms of haircut trends in 2019, Makapugay said they are still in the research process and assured that the haircut and styles they will offer to their customer will be up to date.

“We do our research so whenever there are new trends, we try to make sure na we are up to date sa hairstyling namin,” Makapugay said.

Shave Bar, located at the second floor in Cagayan Town Center, opens from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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