The Revelation of Rejection | Pastor Keion Henderson – اخبار مجنونة

Hey everyone, Welcome to the “The Lighthouse Church of Houston” YouTube channel. We are very pleased to invite you to watch this uplifting and motivational sermon “The Revelation of Rejection” by Bishop Joel Tudman of The Lighthouse Church. Come and join us!

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43 replies on “The Revelation of Rejection | Pastor Keion Henderson”

  1. This sermon was for myself, 14yr daughter and 20yr daughter. We are dealing with so many adversity; I am learning to deal with rejection and the things that I accepted in my life. When you allow it, eventually it manifests into so bigger than you. I thank you so much for this message! It captured my daughters attention, they turnt off social media without me asking and joined in the praise. I reside in Jacksonville fl. But follow every sermon and message.. I pray we will be able to visit soon. God Bless all.

  2. Watching this just gave me chills , because weeks ago i made a video on my YouTube channel called Revealing the truth about Rejections ,and i touched on some key points , that you mention 👏🏽👏🏽

  3. This man right here!! Hands down!! This morning I was rejected & heard this message!! I was feeling shamed but after hearing this, Glory be to God!! He speaking to me!! Holla @ YO boy!! I love it!! Healing taking place already!! St.Louis, Mo I share with my girls & my guy friends all the time!!

  4. I am trying to seek more of God. International Praise Church of God on Sunday.
    Transformation Church Monday
    Forward City Tuesday
    IPCOG Bible Study Wednesday
    The Lighthouse Church of Houston Thursday

  5. I believe that rejection is a natural emotion just like jealousy. I wonder if God felt all these emotions because if it’s in us.. I believe God felt angry and jealous and rejected by his OWN people. He knew Jesus would be rejected so I believe we have to overcome our feelings of anger, jealousy and rejection. People leave us feeling rejected. God diss in your anger do not sin. So as long as we can let Love rule over ALL those feelings we are already being better than those who rejected us. Jesus on the cross in his rejection from his own people still fathomed up the strength to say Father forgive them for they know not what they do. People don’t know who they are rejecting and they don’t know why they are doing to your spirit. Someone left you stained.. and the solution is healing in Jesus Christ He knows more than anyone that pain and to still love them. That’s hard theirs leveled to this…

  6. Wow Preach Pastor Keion it’s for me me and my daughter aren’t speaking, my son asks like he hates me he is 22yrs old, my sister and I don’t speak because my mom has sowed the seed of discord but I forgive her because she didn’t have a relationship with her sister. In fact they have a love hate relationship. So she sowed a seed where she would go between us saying well your sister she never would do this or that and your so this and tht. Or she would flip it and say we we’re getting together to talk about her and she didn’t want nothing to do with us. Or she would tell my sister I was jealous of her because she won’t help me with my kids and she helps her of my sister looks better or blah blah blah. So now… we don’t talk and my mom tries to play the well your both my daughters blah blah blah

  7. I’ve head a man who I lost the desire for him once he showed me who he was but he refused to let me go it was very demonic Satan is a lie in Jesus name he told me I was his wife and he wouldn’t take no for an answer at the same time he was trying to tear me down and tell me. I was this and that not good enough. Yet he said but I’m gone be his.. I said the devil is a lie.

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