The reality of the deterioration of the health of the artist Samir Iskandarani

Cairo – Gololy

In the last few hours, many news has circulated about the deterioration of the health condition of Samir Al-Iskandarani and his transfer to the hospital.

Mohammed Sattouhi, Media Advisor to Samir Al-Iskandarani, responded to the news published in a press statement, saying that the artist's health is good, and the majority of the news that spread over the past few hours about a health problem, is incorrect.

The spokesman confirmed that he was suffering from exhaustion during the last period, and was transferred to a hospital for treatment and to conduct some tests and analysis.

It is noteworthy that the last appearance of Samir Alexandria was in Ramadan 2018, through a publicity campaign for a company, which was shared by Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdul Aziz.

The artist Samir Iskandarani, was honored before him and a number of stars and sons of the stars of the beautiful time in a major celebration to commemorate the revolution of July 66 under the auspices of the United Nations Arts Association under the chairmanship of Dr. Nabil Rizk.

Samir Al-Iskandarani, presented a number of national songs, including: «Ah my country, you have lost my son, and Oh, O beautiful, who is my nassini».

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