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Israeli actress Metal Dohan has ended her emotional relationship with the star, and the famous American actor Al Pacino, two years after her unofficial attachment to him.

The Daily Mail had reported that the Israeli Mittal had decided to abandon Pacino due to her intolerance to live with someone who was over the age of 79.

The age difference between Al Pacino and his Israeli girlfriend is 39 years old, at the age of 40, as she mentioned in her interview with La’Isha magazine that Pacino was stingy in spending it on her and meeting his needs.

The British newspaper confirmed that the submerged actress decided to end her relationship with Al Pacino during the last Oscars.

On the other hand, the lenses of cameras and the international media had captured the moment of the fall of the international Hollywood star Al Pacino, while climbing a stairs at the BAFTA Awards ceremony, the last, and the mirror site mentioned that the 79-year-old Hollywood star fell On the ladder, and he did not mention the real reasons behind this fall, is he tired or stuck his foot during the ascension

Al Pacino competed this year at the BAFTA Awards, for Best Supporting Actor for Irishman.

The red carpet for the BAFTA Awards ceremony, BAFTA, witnessed the presence of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and a large number of stars and stars, including Wakin Phoenix, Pacino and Naomi Harris, and Robert Denero Taron Egerton, a candidate for the awards for the movie Rocketman, and the star also arrived Jesse Buckley, Graham Walker, and Jillian Anderson, who will present one of the awards.


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