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The Killing – Season 1-3 | Series Trailer | Netflix

Based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen, THE KILLING follows various murder investigations led by homicide detectives “Sarah Linden” (Mireille Enos) and “Stephen Holder” (Joel Kinnaman). Seasons…



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  1. One of the best series ever!!! Binged for days (and accomplished nothing at home) but the characters, Linden and Holder are amazing, the story lines great, the tense and up-tight scenes keep you totally engrossed…and I loved the ending in Season 4. You could not have played that out any better. Can you keep the series going just a little longer????? Please, please, please.

  2. The only thing that's bad about this show is that it ends.. It's sad to say goodbye to another good show. Though it also feels like a relief that, finally, Linden and Holder can go on with their lives. I got so absorbed by the darkness of the show that made the final scenes really like a "peace of mind"…

  3. I was just watching this with my mum last night..

    There is a boy called Adrian who is in the movie..
    Adrian didn’t like to sleep in his room
    He liked to sleep in the closet..
    His dad is in prison..
    His mum was killed by a killer
    Adrian saw the killer
    Adrian is now with his foster parents..
    Linden is a detective
    And there is a mother
    Who lost her daughter called Kallie
    Adrian liked to sleep in the closet
    Because…his dad put the stars on top..

    Ok that’s the story of this movie but I forgot the rest..

  4. This show is incredibly good and underrated. The good thing about it is that it's unpredictable and dark. I think you'll either find it really slow and boring or you will LOVE it. I appriciate the quality and the actors are brilliant. Holder is honestly one of my favourite character from any show

  5. This is my favorite tv show so far. Nothing to complain about, everything was absolutely perfect; the cinematography, the acting, the plot and the characters.
    It didn't bore me even for one second.
    If you're a lover of criminal shows this is what you're looking for.

  6. It's 1000 miles more a generic family drama than a cop show. If you want a good, 1 murder a season, go watch Secrets & Lies, a True Detective. They're entertaining unlike this one. Slow as fuck and focuses 5 episodes on the wrong killer and it got boring. I didn't even care who the killer was after so many "twists."

  7. I do not have enough time for watching tv series. I never watch tv. I never write my opinion on youtube or any other social website. I pretty much think that, with rare exceptions, the great movie has died. No actors, no “tempo”, no respect for the quality. Just clowns on the screen are watched during these last times. But this play has been a surprise for me. Every performance, the rhythm, the narration, everything in this play is brilliant.

  8. I am a big Breaking Bad fan. But the killing, beats breaking hands down. I did try to watch one episode, but found that pretty impossible ended up binge watching.
    believe me, I love Breaking Bad, I really do. But, this beats Breaking Bad trust me

  9. Slightly slow but mesmerizing

    This series ran over four seasons. The first two had one main central story and the last two also had one central story. At times some episodes had some side stories and each year, hence half a two-year cycle, may have some unifying side stories. This is modern in the field of mysteries and thrillers, but some writers do it in this field, at times profusely. […]

  10. We just finished watching season 2 of the Killing (Netflix). I liked it a lot! If you like psychological suspense that keeps you hanging til the last moment you should check it out!
    It takes place in Seattle where I had 5 great years in my youth! and involves a local Indian Casino, and its ruthless Chief Jackson, the female and lesbian tribal leader – oh, it is so refreshingly not "politically correct:"..