The "Instagram" star was horrificly killed in an attempt to take a selfie … pictures – اخبار مجنونة


Cairo – Gololy

A British girl named Madeleine Davis, active on the social networking site "Instagram," was killed after trying to capture a selfie against the backdrop of sunrise in Australia.

According to the British newspaper, "Mirror", the girl was completely successful in her blogs on "Instagram", "Facebook" and "YouTube", where she exchanged photos and advised her colleagues about makeup, and talked about her tourist trips around the world.

Madeleine had arrived months ago to Australia from Britain, and was one night accompanied by her friends when she returned from the nightclub and suggested that they take a memorial photo against the background of sunrise as it approached a rock overlooking the Gulf of "diamonds".

The girl went with her friends, passed a fence separating the rock from the tourists, so she sat on the edge of a cliff, then took the phone to take a photo.

Friends later told police officers that they slipped off the rock quickly, preventing them from responding to what happened, and the girl fell from a height of at least 30 meters.

The newspaper added that the girl's death sparked a wave of sarcasm and insult, forcing her mother to close some of her pages on social media.


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