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  1. 3 things that need to be addressed next year and this time has a great shot at the playoffs.

    OL pass protection. Since PSU is returning most of that line it must get better. Also you fix pass protection issues by running the ball. Even with OSU, when Levis came in and they run the ball they got results. Next year you have some stud RBs and two new freshmen 4 star RBs, running should be the primary weapon on offense.

    Pass rush. As great as Parson is, PSU needs to get the other OLBs blitzing a little more and the big boys up front need to win any one on one matches often. Didn't do that in the end of the year. For me Matos is making a mistake declaring because he could have use that extra year to get better. Now I think he is a late 2nd round, early 3rd round pick. If he stayed and improved a solid 1st round pick.

    Secondary. I think this will bet fixed with better pass rush. Those Memphis WRs are very good and their were some glimpses of decent defending (along with some atrocious defending). Hope this gets better.

  2. Penn State still needs to improve their mental toughness if they want to elevate to elite status. After watching OSU-Clemson, the difference in mental toughness between those teams and Penn State is night and day. Penn State needs to get to the point where they can get punched in the mouth multiple times and it doesn't matter because they are determined to get the job done.

  3. Glad you mentioned the clock management at the end of the first half. That was so atrocious. Calling timeouts to leave a minute on the clock for Memphis. In college football you only need 6 seconds to run a play, and they had the ball on the 20 and were calling timeouts with a minute to go? Why? Run it down to 30 and then use a timeout.

  4. Im not nit picking. I'm actually constantly singling PSU writers out for acting and writing like you hate the nittany lions. Just like that little ben jones kid and just like Audry Snyder and just like dave jones and Gregg pickle. Why do you all seem like you hate PSU? Makes no sense to me. Don't be so negative and misunderstand things that coach franklin says.

  5. I dont want to write a book here although I have a lot to say. I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars in the late 60' and late 70's. Maybe as a kid these stories worked, but as an adult they dont? However, when I watch some of the original episodes now, they still work and when I watch the new stuff they dont. I think it is because too much of the force powers has become too unbelievable, too inconsistent, too contradictory. I think that is what happens when you have many directors making these movies over 50+ years that are not fans of the past movies and dont really understand the entire cannon.
    When I first watched episode IX I had mixed feelings. I thought that episode VII copied too much from episode IV and episode IX had copied too much from episode VI. There were too many parallels of the same situations in different locations with different, but similar characters. Another major beef I had with this movie were all the rewriting of the meanings and significance past events had. You touched on this when you said that Emperor Palpatine coming back to life cheapened Darth Vader's sacrifice. Also, if Palpatine could be revived from the dead, then why couldnt Vader? Why not any Sith or Jedi? The constant rewriting of historical events and changing events leading to deaths is what turned me off to Star Trek especially in season 3 and 4 of Enterprise. Star Wars did this same kind of thing in episode IX. I guess when somebody dies, I feel like they should stay dead. If you want to kill them off then do so and dont bring them back by some unbelievable circumstance.
    I could go on much longer, but I want to end my rant before I do write a book about it.

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