The first concert of Mahmoud al – Osaily after the video crisis .. Photos

Cairo – Doaa Al Arabi

Hani and Ihab Elias opened the Eros beach on the northern coast. The concert was performed by Egyptian artist Mahmoud El-Assaily and the show's star Anastasia, and the event by Mustaq Mustafa Abu Deshish.

The concert is the first of Mahmoud al-Asaily after the crisis that was recently exposed following the spread of a video of him and refuses to shoot with an admirer in an inappropriate manner, which was introduced to the wave of violent attack.

Al-Osaily attended the ceremony accompanied by his director Mimi Fouad, and presented a large number of his famous songs, which glowed throughout his career, which ignited the atmosphere of the place, including "Fawqi", "Khayna", "Ya Nas," "Tabla", " "" I am not content "," Taha Tania "," Dream Far "," Tamerad "," Tarmem "and concluded with the song" I'm the Son of Egypt "which he presented twice based on the urgency and desires of the public amidst a large presence of Youth in the Coast.

Mahmoud al-Osaily was furious with his audience after a video clip from one of his concerts appeared in which he refused to shoot with an inappropriate admirer.

When a fan asked Osaily to take pictures with him, the artist replied: "Is he present with you and no need? Too rigid for example? .. And you do not love me and all people de Btkrni, if I imagine with you is not imposed I imagine with all the people.

Al-Asaily apologized for what he had said, saying: "Any artist knows that he is not his audience and there is no need and zero for the sun, and that it is humble for God to raise it .. I deeply apologize to all the people who harassed the video that spread and I was not very successful in the choice of words, The picture and the incomplete God was all my intention of not distinguishing a limit from the limit during the concert. I'm sorry again "

He added: "The second point I tried to tell the person who said that Mainfsh people were all de necessary to imagine 3 times by Mike, but he was very cautious and was designed and his voice was very high and Bnazq I do not know the richest, unfortunately Qtlh good faith and unfortunately all the words No video in the video. Apology".

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