The dramatic scenes in the incident of the statue of Marilyn Monroe

Translation – Gololy

After stealing the statue of seduction icon Marilyn Monroe, recently, the Los Angeles police began a massive security alert, after stealing one of the most famous Hollywood statues.

Fox News, the American television network, has published exciting scenes of the shocking theft of the statue of Marilyn Monroe, which was built since 1994 for its famous stand.

The network quoted security officials as saying that the theft was one of the strangest thefts in history, especially since the "stainless" bronze statue is more than two stories long.

Mitch O'Farrell, a Los Angeles City Council member, said a witness saw someone climbing the tower on Hollywood Avenue and cutting the statue with a saw, but strangest that the surveillance cameras did not record any strange movement around the statue, but suddenly the statue disappeared.

The surveillance cameras picked up someone jumping on the building, but he did not appear as he cut off a statue of Marilyn Monroe or anything, then was spotted with a backpack in his hand.

Los Angeles police said they had collected a set of fingerprints around the pedestal and near the Four Hollywood Women's Tower adjacent to the statue of Marilyn Monroe.

The tower has 4 statues, one of them for the seduction star Marilyn Monroe, and three for Dolores del Rio, Dorothy Dandridge, May West and Ana May Wong.

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