The disadvantages of Amr Yusuf, which is disturbing to Kanda Alloush – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

The Syrian artist Kunda Alloush revealed some of her personal secrets and marital life with the artist Amr Youssef.

Kinda said that one of the most flawed things that you find provocative in Amr Yusuf and cause her much anger is that he holds his personal phone a lot when he talks to her.

Kinda said that she was like any woman who would like to be noticed by her husband while talking to her, but he still looks at his phone, and tells her in an unconvincing voice, "Maaki, my love, hear you," but she is sure he does not pay attention to her talk.

The Syrian artist pointed out that when she wakes up from sleep she likes to talk a lot and get involved in various subjects, but her husband likes to be silent and drinking coffee, and he does not like to talk, which makes her angry.

Kinda also acknowledged that one of the disadvantages that her husband does not like is that she likes to comment on the scenes of the movies she sees with a loud voice, but he asks her every time to shut up and not talk.

Kenda and Amr Youssef, one of the most important artistic midwives, have been married for more than two years, after a secret love story that surprised the public. They recently gave birth to their daughter Hayat and received a huge number of jokes from the public.

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