The death of Sabrin Bursheed after a conflict with cancer

Cairo – Gololy

In the early hours of Monday morning, Bahraini journalist Sabreen Bourshid died at the age of 34 after a conflict with the disease.

Sabrin Burshid recently discovered that she had three tumors in the brain and was transferred for treatment abroad after her father appealed to the Bahraini authorities to intervene in the speed of transport and treatment abroad at the expense of the state.

She also suffered a temporary memory loss and was unable to identify some of her close associates.

A few days after Sabrin Burshid was taken to hospital, her health condition deteriorated and she was transferred to the ICU after being infected with a blood germ.

And Sabreen Burshid Media and Bahraini actress, started in Bahrain TV to present the program "Summer of Bahrain" 2009, where was the first program, and then went to the radio in the youth channel and was one of the most prominent broadcasters, and in Ramadan 2010, She has participated in a wide range of dramas, including Breaking the Thoughts, Amani Al Omar and Confrontation.

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