The daughter of "The Rock" enters the world of wrestling. Pictures


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The daughter of the American star and actor and famous wrestling champion Dwayne Johnson, who is famous for "The Rock", seeks to follow the footsteps of her father, and enter the world of "WWE" for professional wrestling.

Simon Johnson, 18, has made her first steps towards realizing her dream to become one of the WWE World stars, as she has already started participating in the WWE Training Center in Orlando, USA.

And the British newspaper Daily Mail reported that "Simon" will become the first star for WWE of the fourth generation, especially as her family has a long history with the world of wrestling and this institution.

It is worth noting that beside her father, her grandfather, "Rox Johnson", is one of the pioneers of the wrestling world, and her grandfather, "Peter Maivia", was the one who started the legend of the Johnson family in the world of professional wrestling, and her grandparents were among the most prominent stars in the "Hall of Fame" for WWE, and in While The Rock is currently focused on acting, he is still one of the most prominent wrestlers.

Commenting on her pursuit of her dream, Simon said recently in a statement: “That means the world to me. Knowing that my family has a great history with wrestling is something really special for me. the legacy".

Wrestling star Paul Levacek, famously known as Triple H, who is WWE's executive vice president, said: “Simon is very passionate that gives her the opportunity to train with elite athletes from all over the world in the performance center.” He added: “It will not provide the opportunity. Simon will not only enhance her passion and fulfill her dream, but also give her the opportunity to complement her amazing family legacy while leaving her own mark, as she will become the first fourth-generation wrestler in WWE. ”

Simon announced the news on Twitter, and a spokeswoman said: “For the little girl who loved the world of wrestling and was determined to turn this dream into reality, I am very grateful for this opportunity and are fully prepared for it.”


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