1. If you look at the condition of Amazon’s vehicles most of them have some sort of minor body damage. That should tell you a lot.

  2. I saw an Amazon Driver last night make a right hand turn at a red light, immediately turn left to “go straight” and cut off several cars as he merged back into through traffic, all so he didn’t have to wait for 5 cars to go through the intersection.

  3. Yo my dad owns the device pitstop (green and white logo) next to the clock tower. never thought I would see a video from where I live.

  4. Those drivers are THE FUCKING worst. They block residential streets when they clearly can pull to the curb with tons of room. I get they have a million deliveries but JFC at least pull out of traffic.

  5. Amazon drivers are the worst. My coworker has to get a lawyer because an Amazon van tried to pull a U-turn into her lane and didn’t stop and side swiped her car. Company refuses to pay anything until they hear from the Amazon driver, this was at least a month ago.

  6. Honestly I give all of them a pass. I know a few people that work for Amazon, and yes I still support the business by giving them my money but all delivery drivers have insane expectations to meet getting all of that shit delivered. I think you might need realize that or you might be one of the few people that sill goes to brick and mortar stores to buy shit like its 1997.

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