The best Turkish series of 2015 ( Diriliş Ertuğrul – اخبار مجنونة

The best Turkish series of 2015 ( Diriliş Ertuğrul

This is about a revival story. The revival that belongs to a is about Kayı tribe(one of the turk nomad tribes which came to anatolia from middle asia because of Mogol’s invasion…



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  1. Yeryüzündeki en eski en kadimi olan Türkler. Kurdukları devletler, tarihi, kültürü ve kurdukları büyük medeniyeti dünyadaki diğer milletlerle mukayese bile edemeyiz. İyi ki Türk’üm ve müslümanım. Ecdadımızla gurur duymamak imkansız, inşallah biz de onlara laik torun olabiliriz.
    Ey Türk! Üstte gök çökmedikçe altta yağız yer delinmedikçe senin töreni devleti kim yıkabilir? BİLGE KAĞAN- ORHUN KİTABELERİ

  2. Please, I am trying to subscribed me in the Turkish channel, but believed or not I DO NOT HAVE A CREDIT CARD….and I rally love this story, I already watched season one and two…but I have two months trying to download the series and I can not do it because the credit card….I am begging you tell me how can I get it…THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

  3. First of all, I congratulate the producers, actors and, actresses who have contributed their very best performance in hundreds of episodes to revive Turkish history of a proud nation, so dignified way. So far we have seen 174 episodes, to date, hoping to see more . Long live Turkish nation,

  4. I have watched all three seasons, first with urdu dubbing, 2nd with English subtitle and the third one in original Turkish language, because i couldn't wait for any translated or dubbed version.
    Great Nation with Golden History.
    Salam with Love, from Pakistan ❤❤❤

  5. Turkey is now a secular state transformed from Ottoman to secular Turkey by the Attürk. Unfortunately, many Turks love Attürk but I think that Turkey will revert to Islam by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Unfortunately Turkey abandoned the Ottoman language and its Islamic principles and culture because of the gay Atartuk to try to join the European Union

  6. Great series, glad they did the English subtitles. I think if they had did voice-over for an English version it would have appealed to a large audience in America and elsewhere. The acting is good, action scenes gory 🙂 and the filming is beautiful.

  7. DaruLerkam IslamicMedia …. Hi and amazing! Top of the line, congrats LOVED THE SERIES, again by I think in the 30's the translation in English stopped couldn't find it …drove me nuts cause I couldn't understand a word, "well except a few I learn while watching"….is there the continuation of Ertugrul in which he continues to Anatolia and goes on and he and then his Son start the Ottoman Empire…please someone help me find it and tell them to continue on Ertugrul and finish translation on the rest of the episodes so I can rewatch and understand. LOVE U GUYS….AWESOME ACTORS AND ACTRESSES.