The best laptops you can buy for 2017

The latest generation of laptop computers provides excellent battery life, brilliant display quality, and outstanding performance. So how do you decide between …



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  1. It is a shame that your review completely ignores the dedicated GPU option, it is mentioned on one of the laptops you looked at but otherwise it is a critical part that is omitted. I have purchased a top end $2,800 Toshiba and completely missed the fact that with the core i7, 16GB RAm, 500GB SSD, 1TB hybrid drive, 17.3" touchscreen, windows 10 and all the other features you would expect from a nearly $3k laptop i missed the fact that it has NO DEDICATED GPU, and believe it or not this makes a stunning difference and i have reverted to a RAM and SSD upgrade on my 8 year of ASUS ROG and continue to use that as it is faster, more powerful and more capable than the Toshiba which was out right crippled by the lack of a dedicated GPU. I simply upgraded the 8GB in the ASUS to 32GB (4x8GB, 2 slots under the keyboard and 2 on the bottom under the lower cover plate) and a 500GB Samsung 850 SSD along with the stock 1TB HDD and this 8 year old i7, with its 17.3" HD screen, nVidia 660 GTX 2GB GPU, and 9 cell battery completely destroy the almost $3k Toshiba. Please make sure to mention this in future videos as i rarely do any gaming, my time is spent researching, so it is not uncommon for me to have 2 or 3 browsers (usually Edge & Chrome, and sometimes Firefox) open with 10 to 40 tabs in each which obviously takes up a fair amount of RAM, i also do a lot of spreadsheet for cost benefit analysis as well as graphic design and some programming and for this i find that the pricier, newer Toshiba is woefully under-powered.

  2. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series and paid about $1,200 for it and it has insanely high thermal throttling and the CPU loads are at 100% all the time. i regret buying it. Rather buy a Microsoft laptop because they make windows and it goes well with it, or a Macbook Pro because they have the same people who make their software, so it works much better and is much reliable and you will get your money to performance ratio.

  3. I bought a DELL Laptop and it of course stopped working just after the warranty expired – DELL was the worse company in the world to deal with and totally lied about everything .. in the end took the thing apart myself only to discover how rubbish DELL's are built on the inside. For example the POWER button on my laptop was just a piece of plastic film, like a sweet wrapper almost which fell out upon opening the laptop. Instead of using a high quality microswitch they use a piece of junk for the power button. My advice is never buy a DELL Computer they are often HAND BUILT – not built by robots. So the quality of your laptop depends on what kind of mood the person in the factory was that day. If they were tired then your DELL PC might not last as long.

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