The behavior of Tarif was doing dreams with her sisters in her childhood .. Witness – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

The Emirati artist Ahlam revealed what she was doing with her sisters in her childhood, through a drawing that was published on her own account at Instagram.

The painting was a dispute between the two sisters. It was written: "Leave me first, leave you." "A story that only the sisters will understand."

Dreams I attached the picture comment Tarif said: "Khwati Adri Samhoni like what I like you, I like you and my family, I like you and my sisters # Leave me_warkk # Sibini_Busbek".

The audience of the Emirati artist praised her drastically and many of her followers confirmed that they were like her sisters.

A friend of the Emirati artist Ahlam recently surprised her with a special gift from inside Mecca, during her performance of Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The star, dubbed "The Queen", made sure to share the photos with the pictures of the gift, which are written in her name on pictures from inside the Haram al-Makki, in which: "O Lord and on your land and inside your great house and with all my senses I thank you, O Lord, and be with her and protect her and forgive her sins. Risk it and keep it in your deposits .. Umm Fahid ».

On another picture in front of the Kaaba, she also bore the name of the artist. Her friend wrote: "Oh God, make it with you, and be with her, God is near to her from her will to her person, and to accompany her, and to stand with her in difficulties and away from her.

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