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  1. To all parents: when the girl turns and says, “I know” it means she is already focused and anything you yell about technique or positioning is a distraction. Please remember this during your child’s games.

    Source: retired coach who had a team beg for all away games because their parents would not be there.

  2. I don’t know if there are rules for arm wrestling but when I use to do it in school we put a rule not to lean with your body like how he did and also have 45 degrees angle because making your your arm very close to your chest -like what she did- is so difficult to push and forces the opponent to have more than 45 degrees angle which makes them very easy to push, again we were not professionals but we thought this will make it more fair and shows the real strength.

  3. Pro level technique from the girl! Kept that fist tight with her shoulder for leverage. The boy wasn’t wrestling her arm, but her whole body.

    Also, watch her fingers adjust to turn the boys hand over. Was all over from the second adjustment. Amazing.

  4. Holy shit why are there so many hurt souls in the comment sections. Surprisingly, lots of men are even shitting on the guy for his looks or being weak. And then the same men will cry that Girls bully guys for their looks or being weak.

  5. Kids that age shouldn’t be using pro tables, no way are their bones and tendons ready for the extra leverage of their whole upper bodies

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