Tanya Chua’s Taiwan concert sold out in five minutes


20 Feb – Tanya Chua was over the moon following news that tickets to her upcoming “Kisses for the World” concert in Taiwan were sold out in just five minutes.

As reported on Next Magazine, the singer who is set to perform at the Taipei Arena in May, recently posted a thank you note on Facebook following the news, saying, “Thank you everybody who worked hard during these tough times. Despite all the concern, we need to remain calm, united, and pray for peace on earth.”

Tanya also admitted that she is excited to be there for her fans at the concert, adding that she is happy that there is music to accompany all of them.

“Take care, everybody. Wash your hands, and see you on 9 May! Together, we will give the world’s longest kiss,” she added.

Although she has decided to proceed with her concert in Taiwan amid the situation concerning the Coronavirus outbreak, it is noted that the singer previously cancelled her own personal trip to Morocco and Paris.

(Photo Source: Tanya Chua Instagram)


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