Tamer Faraj celebrates the graduation of his wife 's daughter

Cairo – Gololy

Egyptian artist Tamer Faraj celebrated the graduation of his wife's daughter, revealing the strong relationship she has with her.

The Egyptian artist published a picture he had collected, at his own expense on the site of "Instagram", and confirmed that he considered her daughter, where he said: "My daughter my love … If your name is not on my highest .. my love my daughter … not formal paper."

He added: "My beloved daughter … My heart is love for her love .. My daughter and my beloved … Bdoa minimum Halawtha .. Habibti Benti … Graduated M university O Jdaan .. My daughter, my love … I was happy .. And Kbrtni prematurely.

Tamer Faraj recently celebrated his first marriage with his wife, Rania, in a very romantic way. He wrote: "With the 12 o'clock bells, we are full of 365 days. So happy at the same time .. Today morning, on the 20th of June, two hijackers took us to the authorized and we stayed a couple. Ayaat Raafat received her hand. "

He added, on his own account on the site of "Facebook": "The picture to us drawn from the original image we imagined a moment of love for a simple but summarizes the approach of happiness and love and understanding to build our life .. You are my friend and I will destroy you.

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