Tamer Ashour lights his concert in Jeddah with the presence of thousands of his fans .. Pictures


Cairo – Doaa El-Araby

Egyptian artist Tamer Ashour performed a huge concert in Jeddah, in the presence of thousands of his fans and fans.

Ashour lit the theater with a large number of songs that the audience preferred, including: “You have chosen, memories like a bear, to be able to talk to me about me, a big house, tell me Nsik, if you are too high,” and others amid a great interaction from the audience.

The Egyptian artist Tamer Ashour released his last album “Ayyam” on March 21st, and it includes 12 songs: “Ayyam”, “Habibi You Habiby”, “Mashwafnash Khair”, “Without what I tell you”, “Qoulouh Samah”, “This is a story”, “Muttalifish”, “Bali”, “Man”, “Salam”, “Mara” and “Khalsa”.

And the Egyptian artist Tamer Ashour shocked his fans last November, by announcing the annulment of his engagement to Miss Daren Helmy, just two months after their engagement.

The Egyptian artist wrote, on his own account on the website “Twitter”: “Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, for everything. The engagement was broken by Darine Helmy and I wish her all the best.” However, he returned and deleted the post.

The Egyptian artist Tamer Ashour celebrated his engagement to Miss Universe for Tourism Darine Helmy, last September, in a simple family ceremony.

Pictures of the engagement ceremony were spread across the communication sites, and the public expressed his admiration for Darine Helmy, who looked very beautiful.

It is noteworthy that Tamer Ashour had married Samar Abu Apartment in October 2017, but he separated from her before the end of the honeymoon, indicating that the divorce took place because of the difference in the character between them, but they returned to each other again after a short period, and gave their daughter “days However, he returned and separated from his wife before the birth of their daughter.


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