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Faculty named to Global Voices Fellowship for fall 2020 |

[ad_1] Erin Calipari (Joe Howell/Vanderbilt University) Erin Calipari, Kelly Haws and Marybeth Shinn have been selected as Global Voices Fellows for the fall 2020 semester. The Global Voices Fellowship expands Vanderbilt’s national and international recognition by amplifying the reach and impact of faculty research through enhanced strategic communications training and support. The fellowship, previously known […]

How peer stress does—and doesn’t—affect our decisions | Vanderbilt Information

[ad_1] It’s a well-known situation: You exit to eat with a buddy, and she or he orders a Caesar salad. Your buddy’s selection evokes you to order a salad, too—solely you resolve to combine issues up a bit of and select a chef salad as an alternative. This situation sits on the middle of a […]

NSF funds Vanderbilt graduate trainee program to develop workplace innovations for those with autism | Vanderbilt News

[ad_1] Stevenson Professor of Physics and Astronomy Keivan Stassun (Susan Urmy/Vanderbilt University) Vanderbilt University will train a new generation of engineers and scientists to develop innovations that connect 21st-century workforce needs to the talents and abilities of neurodiverse individuals, such as those living along the autism spectrum, thanks to a $3 million grant from the […]

Blow your diet? Admitting it to someone might help you do better next time. | Vanderbilt News

[ad_1] Kelly Haws (Vanderbilt University) We’ve all slipped up when we’re trying to improve ourselves, perhaps by eating better or spending more wisely, and sometimes when we do, we tell someone. But little is known about what we actually do next: Does admitting our loss of self-control help us resist temptation in the future, or […]

New leadership announced for the Wond’ry | Vanderbilt News

[ad_1] David A. Owens (Vanderbilt University) David A. Owens, a leading thinker on innovation and new product development and Owen Graduate School of Management faculty member, has been named the Evans Family Executive Director of the Wond’ry. Owens is a professor of the practice of management and innovation and succeeds Robert Grajewski, the Wond’ry’s inaugural […]

Law School, VUMC team up on DHHS grant to develop and test “safe harbor” standards of care | Vanderbilt News

[ad_1] By Grace Renshaw (Getty) A team of researchers from Vanderbilt University’s schools of Law, Medicine and Management has received a five-year research grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the Department of Health and Human Services to develop and test “safe harbor” standards of care based on scientific evidence. A goal […]