Sumaya al – Khashab shines in a photo session on the occasion of Eid al – Fitr


Cairo – Howida Abu Simk

Egyptian artist Sumaya al-Khashab underwent a new shooting session with photographer Imad Kassem.

Sumaya published the photos through her personal account on the site "Anstagram", and featured a distinctive block, where she chose a short dress for her to reveal her shoulders, and determine its strength.

The Egyptian artist has recently been able to lose weight excess, and looked more agile in the pictures, she also chose a hairstyle and a distinctive makeup soft.

Sumaya received many of the yarns from her audience, who praised her beautiful beauty through comments through her own account, and the fans confirmed that she grew more beautiful after the divorce.

Egyptian artist launched a religious prayer in Ramadan under the title «pray it», and the words of Hisham Sadiq and the distribution of Mohammed Abbas.

Sumaya Khashab recently separated from her husband, the artist Ahmed Saad after a marriage lasted for two years, and exchanged statements each distorting the image of the other in front of his audience.

Ahmed Saad accused Sumaya al-Khashab of lying down and taking his apartment, while Sumaya said that she had been hospitalized because of Ahmed Saad and was about to die.


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