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Strategy: Dance in front of turtling opponents to bait them out


This is an interesting strategy that could be quite useful in certain situations. 

Here’s the thinking behind it. When an opponent is turtling, they control where they want to edit the wall and that can be hard to predict.

By dancing in front of a turtling opponent, they get baited into editing a window.

The dance can be canceled immediately by aiming down the sights and a shotgun shot can be fired instantly.

Because there is more delay in a player changing from the edit than there is in stopping the dance, this strategy gives you an opportunity for the first shot.

The strategy was created by Geerzy and posted to his YouTube channel. He shows how it looks in action in this video:

That video automatically goes to the dancing trick but the other two tricks are both interesting ways to bait your opponents as well.

Of the three, the dancing one is the most unique, and probably the most fun if you can actually pull it off.

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