Stars of the Gulf enjoy Sabrin Burshid with impressive words

Cairo – Sarah Ibrahim

She died in the early hours of Monday, July 22, Bahraini media and actress Sabreen Burshid, at the age of 34 years after a conflict with cancer.

And her father announced this sad news, his calculations on the social networking sites, and the words with influential, where he said: "(God has not given to God what was taken) .. died Sabreen .. God Almighty reward you."

A great number of Gulf stars mourned the late artist, Hind Baloushi wrote, on her account of "Instagram": "I love you, Nesma, I love you, the most beautiful heart I knew at a time when I said good hearts. How I wished to hear the news of your safe return. The news of your farewell .. God forgive them and mercy and change them in a home better than her home and make them in the gardens of bliss.

She added: "I moved to the mercy of God my friend and my lover Sabreen Burshid after a conflict with the disease, we ask God for forgiveness.

As the artist Elham al-Fadala said: "We are God and we return to Him and have no strength except in God .. I win my heart of the news of God mercy mercy and patience of the heart of its people, Lord."

The artist Abdulla Bahman wrote: "To come and not to Guo except by God that we are God and I return to him .. And do not know the same in any land of death God will be included my dear friend owner smile and moral shock was great.

And called artist Shaima Sabbat, saying: "The news of the death of Mujt of the Mu Mujahideen are able to be absorbed by God with the help of God and that God will return, moved to the mercy of God Almighty media sister # Sabreen_borshed.

She said: "O God, forgive the spirit stepped up to you and is no longer between us and only supplication, Oh God make us receive in heaven laugh and Mtbashrha and taste of bliss what promised by your faithful worshipers Oh God make her grave light and peace to the day of God's mercy and forgive her and patience heart of her people.

"I am God and I go back to Sabreen Burshid in the mercy of God.

"The artist and the announcer Sabreen Burshid in the remembrance of God after a conflict with the disease that God and to him they return. . Allah will have mercy on her and forgive her and bring her down a good house and bring her together with the Prophets and Righteous, and Allah will be patient with her people.

The artist Mohammed Al-Ramadhan wrote: "I am God and I am returning to him .. I moved on the mercy of God .. Our sister # Sabreen_borshed .. No power but in God Almighty .. God has mercy and forgive her Lord."

Sabrin Burshid recently discovered that she had three tumors in the brain and was transferred for treatment abroad after her father appealed to the Bahraini authorities to intervene in the speed of transport and treatment abroad at the expense of the state, and suffered a temporary memory loss and was unable to identify some of those close to it.

A few days after Sabrin Burshid was taken to hospital, her health condition deteriorated and she was transferred to the ICU after being infected with a blood germ.

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