Spinning Man (2018 Movie) – Official Trailer – Pierce Brosnan, Guy Pearce, Minnie Driver – اخبار مجنونة

Spinning Man (2018 Movie) – Official Trailer – Pierce Brosnan, Guy Pearce, Minnie Driver

Evan Birch (Guy Pearce) is a family man and esteemed professor at a distinguished college, where his charm and reputation have made his philosophy class very popular. When a female student…



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  1. I don't understand the ending.
    Why would he try to fuck his student at the end and almost get her killed when she bumped her head on the pavement? Its like he is innocent but he was unsure of everything and later accepted that he was really the murderer of the girl killing on the lake. Maybe he is delusion but the "memo" movie references is too strong its like a sequel but with a different take on. So confusing!

  2. فيلم جريمة وغموض جميل

    قصته عن : أستاذ فلسفة جامعي ، له علاقات مشبوهة مع الطالبات ، لكن إحدى الطالبات تختفي ، وتوجه أصابع الإتهام لديه ، وفِي الأخير توجد جثتها في البحيرة ، وتكتشف الشرطة أنها مجرد حادثة وليس قتل .

    مضمون الفيلم بإختصار :-

    ١- النساء فتنة .
    ٢- فساد الإختلاط الجامعي .
    ٣- الخيانة الزوجية .
    ٤- شهوة الجنس .
    ٥- هل الفلسفة علم وإبداع أم مجرد هذيان وسفه وتجاوز حدود اللامعقول للعقل البشري ؟؟؟

  3. Halfway through watching this. Man, do I hate the wife. If our hero here is innocent, I'll draft an entire 4th act in my head were he destroys her in the divorce proceedings. She's everything negative a "partner" can be.

  4. Looks like one more Hollywood garbage package promoting family unit destruction. It starts up with the ideal family setup, then it breaks it apart inducing suspicion between family members, and reaching pedophilia & complete destruction. The memory loss issue (also associated with a previously famous movie of the same actor) is just an excuse for inserting special visual effects for a more effective manipulation of the naive audience (using NLP and memory reconsolidation). Usually one of these excuses is being used: drugs/alcohol/mental issue/futuristic technology. As William Cooper stated so many times: "They are laughing at us".