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  1. Man i was wearing a full damn wig to keep my natural hair from the winter cold and i was at work leaving and as i walked away this white girl put her fingers through it! Y'all it took me everything not to flip out #1 its mine don't touch me i don't even know you! #2 what if my shit would have fell off! #3 it was synthetic y'all!! And curly!! I ended up quitting not for that reason but it just wasn't a good place to work though 😂🙄😔

  2. This girl from school wanted to touch and style my braids, i was like "and where is the money you owe me and the moments i spent on this hair". People dont understand that it means alot to us about hair. We may joke about each others edges and hairlines but it doesnt give you the right to

  3. I really enjoyed your dancing in cranes in the sky.  You are a very talented artist.  You have some beautiful hair and an attractive body.  Why hasn't a man asked you to become his wife.  I like you.  I like music.  I like to dance.  We as a nation in North America got a lot to dance about.