Skier Ted Ligety Talks Relationship with Wife Mia Pascoe

Skier Ted Ligety Talks Relationship with Wife Mia Pascoe

Ted Ligety is hoping to make history at the 2018 Winter Olympics in the sport of alpine skiing and he’ll have wife Mia Pascoe by his side to cheer him on!

The 33-year-old Olympian has won two gold medals in previous years and is the only U.S. alpine skier to have two golds. He’s hoping to add a third this year.

Ted recently opened up about his relationship with Mia.

“My wife and I have been together for eight-ish years, give or take now, and she has been traveling with me now for the last bunch of years, so that’s really good,” Ted told Us Weekly. “I’m traveling so much that it would be impossible to have a relationship when you’re that far away for that many years and it’s good.”

They welcomed a son named Jax last year!

“Now having a kid, that’s going to be a new adventure with it. As my wife did when she started traveling with me, kind of allowed for an escape on the road, I think my son will be an even better one,” he added. “It will be a good way to have a different perspective.”

Good luck to Ted!

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