Sienna Miller grabs attention in premiere of American Woman – اخبار مجنونة


Translation – Gololy

British actress Sienna Miller starred in the screening of "American Woman" on Wednesday (June 5th) at the Arclette Theater in Hollywood, USA.

The 37-year-old international star appeared on the red carpet with a classic look that won a series of accolades. Siena was dressed in a gold-plated A-LINE dress with a signature Ralph Lauren.

The show was attended by Will Sassou, Alex Nostadtur, Cathy Aflak, Florianna Lama and others.

World news sources have revealed that the famous British actress Sienna Miller has separated from her lover and fiancé Tom Sturdeg after a four-year relationship.

The Sun newspaper reported that the couple had been separated for weeks and that Siena and Tom had a three-year-old girl, Marlowe, and Miller and Tom were officially announced in 2012.


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