Shukran Murtaja fights bullying – اخبار مجنونة

Cairo – Gololy

Syrian artist Shukran Murtaja joined the two fighters to bully through her pages on social networking sites.

Shukran, in a leaflet on her Facebook page, said: "Do not get angry from me, do not listen to my work, and my place is tired and I've perished to connect with Yama Manmet, Beckett and Sheret Latserkli Helmi."

She added: "I do not care if you do not get out of my mind if I disagree with you I am your enemy and you are my enemy Mdrori that your friend but violin Mo is necessary to be your enemy, I do not believe me but you do not Tchtmni I do not follow me differ from me Lathknkni, I am free to not Hknkni, not kill me with your knife and give me a knife, do not tell me not to talk to me.

She continued: "If you are strong Mo meaning arrogant, and if the good Mo meaning Gaddbh, and if I heard Mu meaning Mali opinion and if I forgot my heart Mu means talkative !! If you do not have a debt, then if you do not have a debt, then you owe me the debt. "

She ended her speech saying: "Do not judge my form, my clothes, my nationality, my character and my ethics from Facebook, Twitter and Entangram .. And you are your own writer, your page and definition of your personality, but the nations of ethics, then they went their morals went, Today and tomorrow. "

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