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Senator Trains 4,000 Women in Cosmetology, Make-Up

In building economically stable communities, the drivers and agents of socio-economic mobilisation must be trained and empowered with skills that will make them functional contributors to the economy.

Months ago, the first phase of the Lifeline Training Programme kicked off with the training of 4,000 women drawn from all the local government areas in Anambra North – Onitsha North and South, Ogbaru, Oyi, Ayamelum and Anambra East and West. They were trained in cosmetology, confectionaries, make-up, wig-making, and other skills.

The programme has proved to be a veritable means of building independent and self-reliant women, creating jobs and encouraging social mobility. Some of the beneficiaries of this scheme have gone on to establish their own businesses.

The first phase was very successful; I am glad that the LifeLine Training Programme is truly providing an economic lifeline to the women of Anambra North. Economic development can only be achieved in our communities through targeted and sustained empowerment programmes.

Owing to the success of the first phase of the programme, the second phase kicked off this Saturday, January 12, in continuation of my mission to raise an army of skilled and self-reliant women and entrepreneurial giants.

Another batch of 4,000 women between the age of 18 and 35 and drawn from all the local government areas in Anambra North will benefit from this programme. More skill-sets have been added to the scheme to make it a bumper package.

Again, there is no bigger investment than investing in people. An empowered people is an empowered community; hence the Lifeline Empowerment initiative has become a force for rural and community transformation.

And at a time unemployment is at its highest, empowering women is the antidote to social inequality and exclusion. Women are among the poorest people in Anambra state. The state has a population of about 5 million people, and women make up more than 45 percent of this number. But most of them are disempowered and emasculated.

Lifeline Training Programme is bridging social and economic inequality by providing women with an economic life-line. Skills acquired at the trainings are permanent and transferrable. One beneficiary of the programme can transfer her skills to as many as possible, thus igniting a fire of productivity, innovation and a chain of jobs.

It gives me great joy that another 4,000 women are being equipped with skills needed for viable economic activity and contribution to the economic development of their communities.

It is such a delight for me.

Senator Stella Oduah

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