Noticed this on my solution to work this morning… – اخبار مجنونة

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  1. As someone who works in road construction…… This is typical. Thankfully the concrete had set however it was still not opened to traffic as the cure strength hadn’t been achieved.

    Why wouldn’t it be a BMW

  2. That’s the obstacle course the dealership makes you run when buying a new car.

    If you don’t hit and drag a bunch of cones, you can’t purchase a BMW…

  3. I used to live somewhere that was primarily one way streets downtown. This was pretty common, when they figure out they fucked up they just FREAK OUT and hit the gas.

    Super dangerous, seeing as there are no backwards facing lights on one way streets and they speed up blowing through intersections.

  4. There’s nothing like trying to convince the police of your innocence when you’re proudly displaying the evidence against you by dragging it all down the road with you.

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