Saving Lifetime of a Goat. – اخبار مجنونة

28 replies on “Saving Lifetime of a Goat.”

  1. This is a contrast in human behaviour. The jerk who would tie the goats like this and this guy here who blows the goat to restore it’s life.

  2. omg i was almost crying… this poor goat 🙁 and he instantly did a mouth to mouth ventilation. thank you Mr.!!

  3. Humans after being clinically dead: stay in the hospital, get bunch of tests performed on them…

    Goat after being clinically dead: just walks it off.

  4. Goats are stupid, mean, and hardheaded animals, that’s why they’re called “Nature’s Presidents.”

  5. Now I’ve seen it all.

    Edit: scratch that after scrolling more found a beetle that farts fire 🤷‍♂️

  6. I was morbidly waiting for the goat to run off only to get hit by a car…good on the guys. He made it look easy. Almost as if he had done it a few times.

  7. And in an unfortunate turn of events… the goat gets run over by the cars at the end of the street

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