Sani Leon publishes a funny video: He was trying to steal my food – اخبار مجنونة

Bollywood – Fathi Controversy

Sani Leon is a real food fan, and she does not believe in sharing food with anyone. Recently, the actress shared a video clip of the former porn star and a Bollywood actress who protects her food from director Sunny Rajani and asks him to eat his food.

In the film, which featured Jasmine 2, on the instagram, in which she shows the movie "Bharat" starring Salman Khan in a movie theater. She ate some popcorn and protected it from the director Sunny Rajani, who accompanied it, with the commentary, "Last night, But he was trying to steal my food!

In a previous incident, the actress "Baby Doll" went up to the hotel kitchen to serve breakfast to be matched by Noah and Asher. She shared this position and wrote, "I have taken part of this place to make some banana nectar and apple sauce."

On the action front, the last-seen actress in Bollywood finished her film Tera Intezaar, filming MTV Roadies, a real-life youth program broadcast on MTV India, first broadcast in 2003.

Lyon also starred in the film Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon, along with a horror comedy called Coca Cola.

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