Samsung’s 8K Glasses-Free 3D TV Blew Our Minds – CES 2015

We begin to change our minds about the whole 3D TV concept after spending time with Samsung’s huge 8K, glasses-free 3D TV.



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  1. how technolgy gives u a push at home bringing enchantment- mostly when u c expect something that almost make close to feel

    lot of children entertainment zone 7d – lot of shows

    how for ordianary tv and with 3d glass u can watch with just by device

    which is stil how for technology should come almost 3d tv or ordinary telvision wih or without hdmi can bring best interface of just by converting mode the film and serials executed and then executing that which just by wearing glass experienceing 3d glass which will do all that at home

  2. the only possible benefit I could imagine for 8k outside of medical and technical work is if you have a massive screen and you want to look at a tiny section in detail by zooming or looking really closely at the screen without any noticeable pixels…Being able to blow up footage nearly 4 x without noticeable pixels would be cool but not really useful unless you have actual 3d video you can zoom in out of, but still even then 8k footage would have its limits of zoom

  3. 3D pops out past the screen, holograms go into the screen. I've always been bothered by how they market 3D screens of any type. I don't see any 3D when I play my 3DS, nothing is popping out at me. It does go into the screen though like in depth.

  4. can't have multiple people watch a 3d movie together , you can't even move from the middle spot in front of your tv
    or the effect is gone in an instant
    if you know how 3d movies and 3d stereoscopic games work ,
    you know there's no way to let multiple people see the effect

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