Samsung QLED vs LG OLED – Flagship TV Shootout

We compare two of the finest televisions that 2017 has to offer: the Samsung QLED and LG OLED. Samsung’s brand new QLED line of TVs is a series coined by …



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  1. How can I trust Samsung when I bought a Samsung 8000 series 4K- ULTRA-HD and turn out it was not 4K because it needed an adoptar , was not HDCP 2.2, . Waste of money. The reviews should be considered before what Samsung advertises. Plus the picture went out as well. When I reported to Samsung, they said ïm sorry nothing they can do´.

  2. Hi guys the only people who an really tell the difference from these superior pictures are under ten year olds with there brand new eyes so as you can expect these young people can not afford to buy a TV. Now the older people really can not tell the difference between hd and ulhdtv and they can afford these tv's. unless you have had both eyes with replacement lenses? cataract replacement you will probably not notice the difference from HD to ULHD your eyes were best when you were young, so what is happening in these tv adverts are telling  you what you should see on a tv screen. and you believe them but the only people that can really see the difference are children with there new eyes. The only time you see it is on a cinema screen. so do not believe all this crap hype.

  3. i just bought a oled n i just think that the colors just arnt thst bright like when a reeces candy comercial comes on the screen is orange but it just seems to be a dull color and yellows just dont pop like i think it should. now when it comes to the blacks it is amazing but for 2400$ i just dont think the colors are quite as brilliant as they should be. im going to go back to best buy n walmart to see there display models again. i mesn before i bought i thought the display models were out of this world with depth perseption n all n just not quite feeling it at home im runnning it off dish network n an hdmi cord does anyone know if you use the fiber optic line if it makes a better picture or not

  4. That's actually funny how Samsung pages and delivers the best AMOLED display with their phones but then goes back to LCD with their TV's. Idk why they don't just fix the two issues that oled TV's have, color fade and brightness.

  5. People claiming Samsung is trying to confuse buyers with the QLED thing must have an awfully low opinion of the average consumer. OLED already sounds and looks a lot like LED. No one seems to think OLED is being confused with regular LED. Yes, OLED is a superior technology in many respects, but it's also a lot more expensive. QLED TVs are a good option for people looking for a TV better than the available LED TVs at a cost not as extreme as that for a similar OLED TV.

  6. I think this happend
    Samsung never figure out how 2 deal with oled and picture mode
    so they dropped it
    LG and sony took over and fix the problem and samsung where pissed when oled took over the market
    and try 2 gain and recover what they lost
    and then qled come along
    Oled is the best on the market and samsung know this now
    Samsung cant compete with LG Sony or Panasonic

  7. My 10 month old LG OLED has significant burn-in and communicating with LG tech support has been a nightmare. Have read numerous reviews regarding the issue and it is simply undeniable OLED has serious burn-in problems. It may produce better blacks, but considering this problem I so wish I had gone with Samsung QLED.

  8. The term QLED is nothing but marketing for Samsung, they are trying to compare it to OLED but it just comes off as shady business practices when you find out that QLED is 100% the same technology used for LDC/LED TVs. OLED is still #1, no amount of tweaking LCD/LED technology is going to change that, don't let a marketing ploy fool you. I almost bought a QLED today thinking that it was the same thing as OLED, the range is no where near the same. Don't do it!

  9. Im deciding on buying either one of these tvs, I was going to buy the lg oled tv but the best buy person said something about they burn all the time, and if I got an Samsung Qled he said something that it was better for gaming and that it had sometype of warranty that Samsung would replace if it fucked up, and that it also had very good quality. Someone Please help me decide.

  10. No OLED TV on the market as I am typing this gets bright enough for the recommended 4k HDR viewing experience. Recommend brightness required is 1000-4000 cd/m2 (nits) for "real" 4k HDR. Every OLED TV falls short of this requirement. I returned my Sony A1-E OLED after I did my homework and bought the Sony XBRZ9D. The Z9D blows its doors off especially in 4K HDR. I also wasn't to crazy about babysitting my TV with temporary and permanent image retention (burn in) of an OLED. Yes, the infinite contrast ratios on OLEDs are nice since each pixel is its own light source, (Z9D has 640 local dimming zones (65") not quite OLED technology, but still amazing) but I think OLED is a flawed technology right now. Oh and I guess OLEDs do have better viewing angles compared to IPS and VA panels of an LED/LCD, if you plan on watching your TV from an angle greater than 20°, but who doesn't watch their TV head on. (IPS is a little better than VA panels, but VA panels have much better contrast ratios) I hope every one reading this does their homework first, not all TVs are created equal. While OLEDs are better than most LCD/LED TVs, not all. OLEDs won't be bright enough in a sunny, window filled environment, or for the "real" 4k HDR experience.

  11. Oled does indeed look nicer but unfortunately suffers from burn in effect, which plagued plasma screens in the past. This is a major issue if you will be having static images on the screen for long durations.

  12. STARTING @ 1:06 PAY ATTENTION TO THE ACTORS PN SCREEN’S SKIN TONE IS…… ITS ESPECIALLY NOTICEABLE @ about 1:16, the Guy on right of screen HAS A BLUISH HUE TO HIM on the Righthand TV/ The LG….. so what’s more important to you is what matters, do you want PERFECT BLACKS for SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT COLORS or PERFECT COLORS for PRETTY DAMN SIMILAR BLACKS??? I’d take the SAMSUNG!!!!

  13. Never buy an LG TV customer service sucks 17 days after I bought mine TV I had dead pixels LG came out to replace the panel they replaced it with a broken one and then told me I have to wait another month before they could get a new panel in

  14. And the winner is………. Sony! Heh. I've spent quite a while comparing OLEDs at Frys electonics who typically has 50+ models on display at any given time and honestly the two Sonys they had looked the best. The really know their calibration well. It's possible they just tend to look better out of the box, and others could do better after adjusting but as-is the Sonys were blowing me away. To be fair, one was nearly $9k so there's that.

  15. I have a 65" plasma.. 5 years now, It looks awesome. Seems they stopped making plasma's like 3 days after I bought mine ;-). I prefer OLED but I also prefer Samsung though in honesty I've never owned an LG TV. My limit these days is about $600 so I'm hoping Amazon Prime day next week has some sweet deals on TV's. I need to upgrade a 32" Sony from years back.

    End of the day in mid 2018 4k content still lacks big time. Prime, most of stuff I watch is still not 4k. Streaming services, more people cutting the cord, and regular cable/satellite, I don't see 4k coming for a long time. They might get a sporting event now and then but very limited. Unless you get 4k bluray's (I don't) it seriously sucks for media. I do enjoy some 4k gaming though. You can get some sweet deals on 4k TV's but 2018, where's the stuff?

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