Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

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  1. Excellent review, I always gives a thumbs up even before I watch it! I just switch carrier & upgraded my Samsung S8 to S9 for two months already. I gotta say the camera is amazingly sharp even in low light! I feel my S9 runs smoother than the S8 in my overall experience. I am loving it!

  2. i am college student michael ,will s9 be enough for 3 years ahead of now i mean its ram ??? i am going to buy s9 exynos vairent before this i was using oneplus x and i hated its battery performance
    and i dont like dual lens setup just the way i dont like notch pls help fisher you are the man of words .

  3. I don't have any of the experiences this guy is talking about with my Galaxy S9. This phone takes better pictures than any phone I've ever had, gou can disable the bigsby button like i did, i'ts way faster then any of the competition. The battery lasts ALL DAY. I just used it at a concert recording video the whole entire time. Probably 5-6 hours straight and my phone was still on 50 something percent when i left. I switched from the iPhone to the samsung Galaxy S9 and i love it! I don't think I could ever go back to an iPhone. Honestly, they're kind of boring compared to Android. That's my opinion

  4. The same camera color problems are also present in my 2 year old GS7. Soft, inaccurate pictures in low light, and a yellow tint while in a slightly darker environment indoors. These issues are probably a bit better on the S9, but they could be almost gone if Samsung hadn't focused on crappy features (like their AR emojis) that literally no one uses for more than 15 minutes.

  5. I'm still on my Oneplus One and need (a serious) upgrade… This might be the one?? But from the review it sounds like theres a lot of bloat which eventually slows the phone down. I had the same problem years ago on my Galaxy Note 2. 🙁

  6. I'm on a two year upgrade cycle so going form the s7 to the s9 has been sweet so far. The deal I got was only a fiver a month different and that also got me more than double the data so the s9 was an easy choice.

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