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Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect… Samsung!

Spoiler alert: There’s still a Bixby button. Galaxy S9+ skins: Dave2D video on the blood pressure sensor: …



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  1. Can anybody please help me Decide ASAP Which one is better This is my first time Choosing a Galaxy phone Switching from HTC one M9 Sprint Because I am done Supporting HTC They really Screwed up this time And I don't know Which one is better the Galaxy S9 Or S9 plus Especially I travel a lot Once Per year Between Puerto Rico And Columbus Ohio And Orlando Florida And of course the best of all I'm a hardcore gamer😁👍

  2. Most people will get a case for their smart phones. I dont really see why people bitached and whined about the finger print censor for s8 or note 8. I have gotten so used to it that i dont put my fingers on the camera when using thr finger print censor while using a case tbh.