Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (CORAL BLUE) – Unboxing & Initial Review!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ in the limited edition Coral Blue Color! Unboxing & Initial Review after 4 days of use! ➽ Subscribe (It’s FREE) ➽ https://goo.gl/yMWV8c …



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  1. I just ordered a coral blue s9+ I am finally upgrading from my note 3, the note3 I bought brand new and has been perfect for years. It broke when I went down a slide with my daughter, the screen glitched out. I have not used a different phone since the note3 came out, before the 3 I had the note2 and the original note before that. But I just fell in love with the note3 so much I did not want to upgrade or get ride of it. I am nervous about not being able to take my battery out if the phone freezes and I am nervous about the back being glass. I was going to buy a new note4 but after seeing your video, I went with the s9+ in the blue color. I hope I made a good choice. Is there a good way to protect the glass on the phone?

  2. What I wish Samsung could bring back is Sapphire Black from the GS6. That colour is amazing, in the light it is super light, almost like a turquoise, in mid light it is like a royal blue and in low light it is pretty much just your standard black Galaxy. It stands out so much and I love it on my GS6

  3. I got the S8 yesterday because the price came down. I need to know if the lag still exists on Samsung galaxy phones? my last phone was galaxy s6 edge. it was kinda laggy after 2 months so I switched to iPhone 6s and I loved it. now after 3 years I got the galaxy s8 and I need to know if any improvements done by Samsung. even after the note 7 failure.