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Samsung Galaxy S9 hands-on

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus look familiar, but there are a few new things that make them worth checking out. Top of the list is a brand new camera …



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  1. Can anybody tell me which phone i should buy? A samsung s9 or an iphone 8. I have done a lot of research and both phones seem similar… I have always had an android phone but i'm sick of bad camera quality. Which is why i'll be buying a more expensive phone this time. And i've always had an ipod (i still do) so i can also work with ios. Can anybody help, just looking for the one that takes the best pictures, and that wont lag as much (and one that i can keep for at least 2 years because these phones are damn expensive!)

  2. Can't understand why reviewers compare the products so much with product released last year. I am pretty sure people are not spending to move from S8 to S9. Most would be from S7 and lower (if former Samsung users) and also from non Samsung world altogether. It doesnt matter to them so much how the new device is as compared to the one that came 1 yr back

  3. Excellent review. Lotta info to salivate over. Apple is starting to look and feel a little …”has been.” Their love fest, touchy-feely product shows are getting a tad embarrassing. Just sayin.

  4. I just got 2 S9's buy one get one free. My son needed a new phone and his line was paid for so I turned off that line and used the free S9 as a new line so I didnt have to actually add a 4th line I didnt want lol. $800 for free.