Samsung Galaxy S10 details pop up online (Alphabet City) – اخبار مجنونة

Samsung Galaxy S10 details pop up online (Alphabet City)

According to reports, the next Samsung Galaxy S could have up to five cameras! Sounds nutty, but very Samsung. Also, Google updates the YouTube app so not …



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  1. Another week, another Alphabet City! Highlights for me:

    1. Great and nifty Incognito mode for YouTube! But…a lot of us are still waiting for the dark mode!
    2. Small detail, but Netflix's materials for Smart Downloads use the UI for Android P. Nice touch.
    4. This episode of Alphabet City came out on my birthday. Feels pretty good to me.

  2. I really wanted this show to be good, truly. But I don't want a show that has a host who isn't suited to humor read off of a script meant for someone who has more emotion in there voice. All I want is a news show with out any gimmicks.

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