Samsung Galaxy S10 cameras, iPhone X Plus Stylus comments & more – Pocketnow Daily Recap

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily Recap as we go through your top comments for our hottest news last week. Pocketnow Daily videos: – Triple-camera Galaxy S10, …



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  1. I agree that consumers should get the best, however we should realize that alot of new companies just borrowed most of these technologies and now able to lower the price just to get the money?i don’t think thats good coz thats probably will cause product issues and what not. Its not fair to those who actually start the technology that makes the cellphone great now. What jaime is trying to say that we should all buy cheaper phones?lets compare iphones and others what’s really separates the two? And honestly why this guy bothers?its not ur money dude its a choice. Why don’t u just enjoy the views and continue ur thing.

  2. Hey Jaime, do you actually read every comment? Knowing Apple do you think that on their highest priced Iphone they would make a mini version of their pen(suitable for an iphone sized screen)and sell it with a special Apple made stylish case for you to store the pen in?That would be one way of copying the Note 9… 😉

  3. As long as Samsung stays notchless then it's fine by me. Samsung does need to make a top flagship which is more affordable because they are expensive buying outright or on contracts. That's why Honor and One Plus are doing so well

  4. For those of you old enough to remember the HTC Evo 4G, remember how difficult it was to actually use data because of the lack of 4G in cities?! It was a year before I experienced 4G and that was AFTER I DROVE 120 miles to get a glimpse of it. Back then when it was owned by Clear. It eventually rolled out globally after years of trials. Sometimes it’s better to perfect something before it actually rolls out, and I mean roll out globally.

  5. Totally agree with you re samsung and their design. Love it over everyone else's 'innovation'
    There is little room for improvement these days and everyone else is doing notches…fk that!

  6. Kindly stop promoting OnePlus that company is not improving products since OnePlus 5. This is a request to pocket now team. Also stop downgrading Samsung and Apple . These companies have Invested heavily in r&d to provide us great products . OnePlus still doesn't have basic flagship feature such as HDR 10 certification. Even the form factor is nowhere nice as Samsung galaxy note 9. Just look at OnePlus users forums and you will know how bad these phones are.

  7. Just curious…with the 1Plus appearing on a U.S. carrier; will we see bands available to work on Verizon and U.S. Cellular and such as well? Those of us on those have not been able to use the 1Plus phones per gsm versus cdma reasons, at least that is what info I seem to see.

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