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Samsung Galaxy S10 – BIG SURPRISE!!!

Not one not two but three Galaxy S10 Phones are coming! Big surprise leak is here, Triple Cameras, Note 9 S Pen with Bluetooth, Phone calling & More …



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  1. The biggest issue with Samsung is slow software updates with them being notorious about ditching phones one year after launch for any priority updates. They must commit to fast updates and commit at least 2yr updates support and 3yr security updates like Google and OnePlus. Apple updates iPhones for 4-5yrs for God's sake!

  2. bluetooth pen theory. you might be able to write on paper/desk whatever and it apear on the phone as you said, but also, at the size font you want. it could be hard to write small on the phone screen due to senativeity of the pen, but controlling size of text would be a great addition. Just a theory. 🙂

  3. We should be super excited for the completely bezelless s10 so that everyone can put giant cases on it? Haven't they learned that no one wants bezelless phones and curved edges? Unless of course they have the technology to make it out of hard plastic that won't break when dropped just like phones back in the day

  4. Maybe Samsung should consider a flat screen Note! I don't understand the thinking for pairing a curved screen with a stylus. Plus.. Curved screen don't work well with screen protectors. Wake up Samsung!

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