Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9 Plus – Which Should You Buy? | The Tech Chap

Tom The Tech Chap compares the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note9 with the Galaxy S9 Plus (S9+) to find out which is best, and which phone you should buy?



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  1. If you are thinking about going for the S9 plus and aren’t too fussed about the specs, you might as well get the S8 plus which has about 90% of the features of the S9 plus. They both look the same and the only difference is where the finger print scanner is.

  2. Thank you so much for this video, it helped a lot. I love the s9+ because it feels great to use, so much better than the Note 8, which is what I currently have. But I do think I am going to go with the Note 9 instead for the battery and liquid cooling (I do a ton of mobile gaming).

  3. The Note. I tried to replace my current Samsung flagship with a midrange phone. I adopted the mindset off – who needs to spend so much on a new phone? I felt like it was a downgrade. The devil is as they say in the detail and once you're used to certain features as standard it's hard to let that go. I try and offset the high price of the handset by simply upgrading less frequently. I will expect the Note to last me 3 years.

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